So much more than your average restaurant!
Owner Danny Duran and family are thrilled to bring Holy Chip back on the scene! We describe Holy Chip as much more than your average food truck. To us, this business serves as a gathering place for the community. You can expect great food, love, and hope whenever you visit Holy Chip.

Hand Crafted Mexican Cuisine
Danny's passion for fresh and hand crafted food combined with inspiration from his heritage led him to open a food truck of his very own. His love for Mexican Cuisine ignited during childhood through indulging in his grandparents' Mexican dishes. Both Si and Mary Ann Duran shaped Danny's passion and skill for fresh, authentic, and hand-crafted Mexican dishes.

What sets us apart?

What sets Holy Chip aside from any other local cuisine in the area is our commitment to customer service and our passion for serving the community. Holy Chip is actively involved in the community through our faith and involvement with Remember Me Project. Therefore when you come to visit, you get so much more than a delicious meal. Come on in and see for yourself, gather with the community, and experience the love and hope we comfort all of our guests with.